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Aruba open championships

The Aruba Open Beach Tennis Championships was first held in 2008 at Moomba Beach and has grown to become an iconic in the sport.  Today, the championship is an international sporting event that brings one of the most electric ambiances in the world to Bushiri Beach. Aruba Open remains the leading event in beach tennis for over a decade. Some would argue, Aruba Open set the foundation of what this tournaments should look and feel like.  

What began over a decade ago has grown immensely, the games now attract more than 1200 participants from over 40 countries annually. The weeklong event typically takes place in November with every seat in the house filled. The championship draws the most elite men and women within the beach tennis sport to One Happy Island. With Aruba Open annually securing one of the highest prize money to winners played at the top-level, center court play is not-to-be-missed.

The 7-day tournament culminates in a grand finale weekend, with over 10,000 spectators filling the stadium at Bushiri Beach to witness the best players from around the globe leaving it all on the sand for the top title. It is a sight to behold, with the cheers and excitement of the crowd creating an electrifying ambiance that is unmatched anywhere else in the world.

The Aruba Open Beach Tennis Championships is a world-class event, with a rich history that dates back over a decade. The tournament showcases some of the most talented players in the sport, and its impact has gone beyond the shores of Aruba, putting the small island nation on the world ma.

So mark your calendar every year in November, as we celebrate the sandy sport and witness the very best of beach tennis at the most electrifying sporting event in the world.

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