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Aruba open championships

The Aruba Open Beach Tennis Championships began in 2008 at Moomba Beach and has since become a celebrated icon in the sport. Today, it stands as an international sporting extravaganza, infusing Bushiri Beach with unparalleled energy and excitement. The Aruba Open has consistently led the way in beach tennis for over a decade, setting the standard for tournaments worldwide.

What began as a modest event has evolved into a global phenomenon, attracting over 1200 participants from 40+ countries each year. Held over a week in November, every corner of the venue buzzes with anticipation. The championship lures top-tier men and women from the beach tennis circuit to our One Happy Island. Notably, the Aruba Open offers some of the highest prize money in the sport, making center court matches a must-watch spectacle.

The grand finale weekend marks the climax of the 8-day affair, with a packed stadium of 5,000+ spectators at Bushiri Beach witnessing intense matches for the coveted title. The atmosphere is electrifying, fueled by the cheers and passion of the crowd, creating an unparalleled experience found nowhere else on earth.

The Aruba Open Beach Tennis Championships epitomize excellence, boasting a storied legacy spanning over a decade. Beyond its shores, the tournament has elevated Aruba's profile on the global stage.

So, mark your calendars every November as we celebrate this sandy sport, showcasing the pinnacle of beach tennis at the world's most electrifying sporting event.

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