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Beach Tennis Aruba is a popular sports organization that promotes the exhilarating sport of beach tennis on the beautiful island of Aruba. Established in 2002, Beach Tennis Aruba provides an impressive facility featuring 16 well-maintained courts, a well-stocked bar, showers, and locker rooms for its 1000+ local players. The organization hosts weekly league competitions for its 650 active members and monthly tournaments, which continue to boost the sport's popularity and momentum on the island.


To learn more about Beach Tennis Aruba, visit their website at

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BTA is located on Eagle Aruba Resort. The complete facility is the home to the world's biggest beach tennis league with +600 members playing day in and day out on all levels. 

16 courts. 
Full bar.
Sandy Players.
A Good time.
Every time. 

Beach Tennis Facility.jpg
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