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Amstel Bright, AKA the official beer of Beach Tennis in Aruba, is not only a proud Platinum supporter but also, arguably, the steadiest partner of Beach Tennis since their presence is made all year round at Beach Tennis Aruba.

Try the amazing bucket deal for Aruba's lowest prices! And if you want even cheaper, join us at Happy Hour every day from 5PM - 6PM get your favorite beer for only $3!



Ever since the first "ranking" tournaments on Eagle Beach over a decade ago, Mojito's have been the refreshing go to cocktail of Beach Tennis lovers. So, of course there is a Mojito bar at the Aruba Open Beach Tennis Championships. And who better to prepare them than the Captain himself!

Try one of the many flavors, prepared with Captain Morgan rum, for only $4 during Happy Hour, every day from 5PM to 6PM.


Gather 'round for Cookout - an outdoor adventure by Green Fish.  It's where a mouthwatering raw bar, good friends, and the artistry of our pit fire grill unite in an open-air experience you will not want to miss. We take pride in sourcing all our products responsibly, from grass-fed meats to ethically sourced and fully transparent seafood.

Click here to download the Cookout by Green Fish menu!

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Has been the the proud caterer of all Beach Tennis Aruba tournaments for many years. Amuse Catering serves the best of both worlds with sizzling barbecue dishes, grilled burgers and Italian pastas, pizzas, paninis and ciabattas.


Click here to check out the Amuse Catering menu!


Nusa Aruba is an Indonesian restaurant downtown Oranjestad Aruba. We cook only with natural ingredients. In a traditional way with a Indonesian chef, from all corners of the Indonesian archipelago. Affordable, honest and in a beautiful old part of town where you will find a new vibe.


No MSG, no additives!

Click here to download Nusa Aruba's menu!



A dedicated plant-focused takeaway and smoothie truck on the beach. What was once a modest spot for islanders and visitors to indulge in refreshing delights has transformed into a vibrant enterprise. Eduardo’s Beach Shack is no longer just a place; it’s a a feeling - a feeling of camaraderie and genuine hospitality. With multiple locations gracing the island, our mission has expanded. We aspire not just to serve good food but to make a positive difference, one delicious bite at a time.

At Eduardo's, you will always find a friendly face.


Click here for Eduardo's Beach Schack menu!


Hello! We are JJ and Premal. Come join us for a unique Dutch experience and tickle your tastebuds with our artisanal prepared sweet treats: Poffertjes!

Poffertjes are traditional Dutch fluffy, mini pancakes served with lashings of melted butter and powdered sugar. We look forward to welcoming you soon at Pofferdorie!


At Pofferdorie we are also known for our delicious traditional Dutch snacks! We serve "patat," which are French fries with our famous homemade peanut sauce and frkandellen, bitterballen, kroketten and kaas soufflé's. Come try them yourself! See you soon at Pofferdorie!



A local artisanal, coffee roaster and coffee shops. At Island Grind Coffee we are passionate about all aspects of coffee. From carefully sourcing exceptional beans, to roasting our coffee in small batches to maximize freshness and flavor, to creating incredible blends and serving consistently delicious cups of fresh brewed coffee.


We are proud to roast our coffee in Aruba, in a manner that is sustainable, ethically sourced with respect for the dedication that was put in by those who farmed it. Whether brewing at home, passing by our drive-thru or dropping us a visit at one of our coffee shops. Let us transform your everyday coffee ritual into an extraordinary experience.


Click here to see the Island Grind menu!


Amante Tapas : The primary meaning of the word “tapa” derives from the Spanish for “cover” or “lid” and the origin is as varied as how its history has developed. One popular explanation is that in Spain, glasses of wine were covered with bread or a slice of cured ham or other cured meats to protect the wine from flies or debris. Another theory of its beginning is that it may have begun with King Alfonso X of Castille who, while recovering from an illness, drank wine with small dishes between meals. After regaining his health, the King ordered that taverns would not be allowed to serve wine to customers unless it was accompanied by a small snack or "tapa"


Whatever the origin, “tapas” has become a term for this style of food and has evolved worldwide by incorporating new ingredients and influences. Tapas allows sampling a variety of foods instead of having just one dish as an entire meal, it allows for sharing with your friends and has an added health benefit in that smaller meals are more easily digested.

Click here to download the Amante Taps menu

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