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Registration procedure, read carefully!

  1. Click the registration button and fill out your details in the pop-up window

  2. Choose a tournament from the drop down menu and click SELECT

  3. If you selected a doubles or team cup tournament, fill out the details of your partner(s)

  4. After you saved the details of your partner(s), or if you chose a singles tournament, the selected tournament appears in the registration form.

  5. Click and drag the name of the player(s) in green on the left side into the designated tournament.

  6. For additional tournaments, select another tournaments, add players, if necessary, and drag them into the tournament.

  7. After all tournaments have been added proceed to checkout. Beach Tennis Aruba members, living in Aruba can pay in cash, everybody else needs to pay the registration with credit card.

  8. If you are unable to complete the registrations, please send an email to

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